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Moving Day

I’ve gotten my act a little bit more together, and have moved this blog over to a new website at betsywhitt.com. Eventually, eawhitt.com will point there as well, but the domain is currently in transition, so don’t try it now – you’ll only be disappointed.

I also decided to associate my LJ reading journal with the new website, so you can find follow the links there and find my book reviews. I’m sure everyone’s thrilled!

I’ll leave this up for a while longer, to direct stragglers to the new site, but please head over to betsywhitt.com from here on out!


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Because sometimes it’s nice to see the list:

  • Laundry, including the tablecloth
  • Cleaned the house
  • Two bike rides, and got the bike tuned
  • Paid all sorts of bills, both monthly and annual (mmm car insurance)
  • Returned a pair of pants that pulled an important seam after 2 wearings
  • Bought new clothes for the upcoming new job
  • Sold Pampered Chef (woo!)
  • Made doctor and dentist appointments
  • Finally did all the paperwork for the car accident back in May
  • Sent Papa a thank you note
  • Verified that our old checking account is, in fact, closed
  • Called Alaska about the mukluks we ordered a few months ago
  • Finally sorted out the whole cell phone debate (i.e. finally found the company with best coverage and price)
  • Wrote (almost) 25 pages of new material for my deadline.

That’s a pretty stinking big list, if I may say so. Of course, in all fairness I should mention that Matt helped with the cleaning and writing the thank you note (which is only fair, since Papa is his grandfather). Some of those have been waiting to get done for weeks or months… I can’t tell you how nice it is to cross them off the list.

And since I’ve done this much, it’s only fair to mention what’s left to do before Monday:

  • Write 2 book reviews
  • Buy CO2 cartridges for the bike repair kit
  • Check with the local bank about which ski pass their promotion involves, so I can:
  • Book a lodge for a week in December so we can go skiing
  • Attend the annual picnic for church youth leaders and their spouses
  • Edit all the material I just wrote, and catch up on all the edits suggested by mentor and crit group last month
  • More laundry
  • Set up the office as guest room for a one-night stopover from the in-laws on their way back east
  • Get ready for the new job… kinda strange, to know I’m going back to “real” work so soon.

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Breaking the Silence

Apologies for going dark here for quite a while without much explanation, but we’ve got family from the east coast visiting this week and next week, so there’s been a lot of tourist-type things in the agenda, and that doesn’t generally involve laptops and internet access.

I’ve also been trying to actively work out the next segment of the novel, because I haven’t been confident of the best way to proceed and it’s tempting to go back and tweak a lot of things from earlier in the story, but that’s a slippery slope and I’m afraid if I start down it this month I’ll never put together my required pages for the next deadline.

So there you have it.

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A Little Hiatus

I just realized that I’ve already broken my usual Monday/Friday schedule for Name That Novel, and I think I’m going to make the executive decision to cancel the challenge for this week.

My parents and I were in a pretty bad car crash on Friday night. Everyone is okay in the general sense, but rather beat up and in need of rest at this point.

I’m focusing on getting the bulk of my life back to normal in the aftermath, so I might be quiet for a few days.

My best to all of you, and please remember to always wear your seat belts.

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Initial Progress

Well the Bio and Links pages have been created.  More material coming soon!

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