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For Sale: Belgium

That’s right.

It’s not such a bad idea, really…


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CSI: Miami

In my opinion, the best reason to watch CSI:Miami is to watch David Caruso over-deliver his lines.

Is it just me?

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Just for Variety…

Since I wrote last Saturday about how the creative muse drops off the face of my brain by 2pm (hah! I don’t even know how many mixed metaphors I got in there), I find it necessary to explain that there is a significant exception to that rule, and that is that on Wednesday evenings when I tag along with Matt to the church building while he helps run youth group, when I can hole myself up in the youth min office, I’ve had some of the more productive writing sessions of my writing career.

Given, most of the time I don’t write earlier in the day on Wednesdays, for one reason or another, but it is exceedingly odd.

Also, the car alarm has taken up its old hobby of going off for no discernible reason.  Excitement, excitement.  Actually, so far it’s been related to the almost dying in Kansas incident a year ago, but we thought we’d taken care of the last bit of problem back in June.  *sigh*

In other big news, our house is for sale.

No, we don’t own a house.

But we take lots of walks through nearby neighborhoods, and we have a few favorites, and the one we always walk past and say “yeah, if that one actually had a yard, we’d really really like it” is officially for sale.  And since we’re curious little buggers, we took a flyer from their box and it turns out there is actually a decent back yard.  Better than we thought there was, anyway, and all enclosed, which is nice in its own way.  Of course, we promptly looked it up on ReMax (I think this link should take you there) and found out that we have incredible taste.  It’s a bargain at only $910,000!  Hahaha.  Ah, but it’s fun to window shop.  I haven’t got a clue what I’d do with a house like that.  If I’m gonna have that much space, I want a real, old-fashioned farm house.

Anyway, still 300 words left to meet my daily word count goal (300? A trifle!) so it’s off to write, off to write…

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This and That

Adding work to the already-challenging mix of writing, school, blogging, keeping up with things like laundry, and interacting with the real live people who are our friends (yes, we actually have some of those) has been quite the adventure. I fear the blogs (all three) have suffered as a result.

On the up side, I have been getting things done away from the computer.

Also, the mukluks we ordered when we were in Alaska in June came in the mail yesterday – they’re fabulously warm, and I’m looking forward to winter so I can test them against my toes’ tendency for being extremely cold. I’ll take a picture and post it later, so don’t think you’re getting away without seeing them. They’re lovely, elk hide lined with soft pelt (I forget what variety) and a rim of beaver fur around the top outer edge.

Hmm… seems like there was something else on my mind, but it’s escaped for now. That just means I’ll have something more to say later.

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Bowl Me Over

I read Elizabeth Moon’s The Deed of Paksenarrion all day. At least it’s a required book, and the longest for this term, coming in at 1,014 trade paperback pages, but I feel a little guilty because the only other thing I did was make a fruit salad and work on the laundry.  No bike ride; no writing.

Both of those are at the top of the list for tomorrow. I’m having a TON of trouble moving forward with the novel. Part of the trouble is that I can’t figure out whether I’ve misjudged how things should move forward or whether I’ve already made a wrong turn – if the latter, I can’t figure out where it went bad. Very frustrating, and I’m having trouble pulling out of the black hole of two weeks with invaders in my house. (Really, I do love them all, but two weeks in this apartment is a bit much.)

I have a long list of things that I need to get done. I made it the other night when I couldn’t sleep, and it’s been sitting quite handily out of sight in the office for the two days since. I’m a little worried, actually, because this is acting like the first stages of depression – tons of things to do and no motivation or idea how to start, either in real life or on the writing front.   And my best defense, which was always quilting, is just not going to work this time around. I don’t have enough initiative to plan a project or buy fabric, and I don’t have any projects in limbo to pull out and work on until I get my momentum back. I should probably mention it to Matt. Part of the reason I married him is because he’s good at helping me stay sane.

On a totally unrelated note, a random question from my mom this afternoon made me wonder exactly how many bowls we have in our kitchen. And of course once I started wondering I had to go and check. Keep in mind that this is a household of two, and always has been.  We have 52 bowls – that’s including cereal bowls and salad bowls and serving bowls and food prep bowls. It doesn’t include plastic food storage containers that might double as bowls; or huge latte-style mugs that can be used for any number of bowl things, like soup or ice cream; or other items (cake pans, baking pans, pie plates) that might serve as high-walled food receptacles in a pinch.  Including all of those possibilities, we’re probably looking at more like 90-100 bowl-type items currently in our kitchen. Funny thing is, we use almost all of them pretty regularly…   Is that sad?

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For anyone who’s wondered whether anyone is putting out amazingly cheesy and badly dubbed movies these days, I would like to bring The Tower of the Firstborn to your attention.  If you follow that link you will find a movie titled in Italian from 1998, but you will notice that it was released on DVD in the States under its English title just this past May.  I found it in the Redbox and rented it because it looked interesting – and I’m glad I didn’t have my heart set on a fantastic heretofore unheard-of historic epic, because Matt and I were laughing hysterically by about five minutes in.

Now, this was actually filmed as a TV miniseries by Italian producers, filmed in Tunesia, and it was first released (as far as I can tell) three years ago in Hungary – and yet everyone is obviously speaking English, even though the dubbing doesn’t always line up right.  And you’ll run into everything from amnesiacs to an airplane rigged as a “desert boat” to murderous brothers, greedy sheiks, mysterious aliens, incompatible lapses of time, and a man who looks entirely too much like the Catholic Church’s image of Jesus playing the heroic lead.  If it’s not obvious and cliche, it’s overacted.

I’m not sure I recommend it on its own merits, but if you have three or four hours to kill and you want some great laughs, it can’t be beat.

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Dream On

I woke up this morning with a knot the size of Kansas in my neck, which has the unfortunate side-effect of giving me a splitting headache that occasionally makes it feel like my right eye is about to pop out and brings up black spots across my vision when I stand up or move my head too fast. Needless to say, my plans to go for a bike ride this morning flew straight out the window.

Instead, I went back to sleep, having slept badly all night. And had one of the strangest dreams ever. I don’t usually remember my dreams, but when I do they’re really strange. This one involved a private basement that was as big as a mall – including a practice room for dance without mirrors on the walls, three gift shops, and an “animal room” that was basically a small zoo with a boat tour for all these people in evening gowns and tuxes. Of course, there was a regular pool, too. Also, there was a boy who was supposed to be my cousin and a huge group of girls who wanted me to go with them to win a song-and-dance contest as a fund raiser for their group.  I actually knew the song, and you would too if I could remember what it was. All very odd.

I’m all set to finish up my pages for next week’s submission today, and hopefully start editing tomorrow.

Any other strange dreams out there this morning?

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