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First Day

Today was my first day of training for the new part-time job. I very much doubt it’s going to be a very hard or stressful situation, which is very good. I like easy and low-stress. Tomorrow is going to be incredibly boring… I’ve learned most of the essentials for the job, and it really only requires 1/2 of a person dedicated to it, but we’ll have 2 tomorrow (me and the woman who is training me). My trainer is really nice, and usually covers Mondays and Tuesday… but I have to say I’m glad I won’t actually ever be working with her. She has a tendency to fill any silence with some kind of talk, which means I wouldn’t get a thing done. So… probably not much productivity in terms of my own projects tomorrow, but I’ll just deal with that. Thursday and Friday, though, watch out. I’ll be on fire.

So yeah, it’s a decent gig. I should be able to live with it, and hopefully come out ahead. Everyone at the office is really nice. Big challenge will be learning names, especially since I’ll need to know who’s in the building so I can transfer calls to the right place even when someone’s out of the office. That’s about all.

I’m going to go make a baby quilt, because if I don’t do it now it’ll never get done. To the quilt!


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