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The Art of Wonder

While reading this morning I came across the following, written by Nicole Johnson:

Wonder is not a possession to be acquired, nor can it be bought; it is merely a response, like joy.  We can’t make ourselves feel wonder or amazed admiration any more than we can make ourselves feel happy or hungry when we’re not.  But how often do we give ourselves the chance to be  captured?  Our pace is fast and our souls are slow.  We’ve grown sluggish in our spirits, and our hearts have closed to wonder.

In such a fast-paced, results-oriented world it’s easy to get tunnel vision and forget to look up at all the wonder-ful things around us.  I live in the shadow of the beautiful, amazing Rockies and yet all too often I find myself forgetting they’re there, too focused on the guy who just cut me off on Santa Fe and muttering imprecations about his driving skills.

I think this is why I write fantasy – not only does it give me a chance to slow down and look in wonder at this world and the world I’m creating, but hopefully it gives others a chance to do the same.  If only I could keep my “wonder focus” more consistently…

What does it take to get you to slow down and look with wonder on the world around you?  When’s the last time you let yourself be captured?   How do you develop the art of wonder within yourself?


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