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I’ve come to the conclusion that the scene I’ve tried to get through or, perhaps more aptly, get past all month just isn’t going to cooperate. I’ve been reluctant to declare it a temporary lost cause because it’s an important scene, and it needs to be shown.  I haven’t changed my mind about that, but I’m so tired of smashing my head against a brick wall that I’m just going to go around it and come back later to fill in the details.

I am making an Official Decision to move forward. If that means my critique group gets a section this month that says “There will be a scene here where X, Y, and Z happen” then so be it. I have a page count to hit, darn it.

And now it’s time to deactivate my wireless card so I can’t be distracted by silly things like email and blogs. Yesterday’s word count will cower in shame when I’m done with today. Just you wait.


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Bowl Me Over

I read Elizabeth Moon’s The Deed of Paksenarrion all day. At least it’s a required book, and the longest for this term, coming in at 1,014 trade paperback pages, but I feel a little guilty because the only other thing I did was make a fruit salad and work on the laundry.  No bike ride; no writing.

Both of those are at the top of the list for tomorrow. I’m having a TON of trouble moving forward with the novel. Part of the trouble is that I can’t figure out whether I’ve misjudged how things should move forward or whether I’ve already made a wrong turn – if the latter, I can’t figure out where it went bad. Very frustrating, and I’m having trouble pulling out of the black hole of two weeks with invaders in my house. (Really, I do love them all, but two weeks in this apartment is a bit much.)

I have a long list of things that I need to get done. I made it the other night when I couldn’t sleep, and it’s been sitting quite handily out of sight in the office for the two days since. I’m a little worried, actually, because this is acting like the first stages of depression – tons of things to do and no motivation or idea how to start, either in real life or on the writing front.   And my best defense, which was always quilting, is just not going to work this time around. I don’t have enough initiative to plan a project or buy fabric, and I don’t have any projects in limbo to pull out and work on until I get my momentum back. I should probably mention it to Matt. Part of the reason I married him is because he’s good at helping me stay sane.

On a totally unrelated note, a random question from my mom this afternoon made me wonder exactly how many bowls we have in our kitchen. And of course once I started wondering I had to go and check. Keep in mind that this is a household of two, and always has been.  We have 52 bowls – that’s including cereal bowls and salad bowls and serving bowls and food prep bowls. It doesn’t include plastic food storage containers that might double as bowls; or huge latte-style mugs that can be used for any number of bowl things, like soup or ice cream; or other items (cake pans, baking pans, pie plates) that might serve as high-walled food receptacles in a pinch.  Including all of those possibilities, we’re probably looking at more like 90-100 bowl-type items currently in our kitchen. Funny thing is, we use almost all of them pretty regularly…   Is that sad?

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Since my deadline is 9 hours away and I really don’t want to work on any more edits, this seems like a wonderful time to go blogging!

I heard a few days ago, but I’ve been waiting for the right moment to announce this news:

I got a job.  

Yes, I know, this goes against all sorts of starving artist credos and other such things but there’s this thing called debt, and the husband and I are rapidly sinking into it.  One of Matt’s friends from school tipped us off that a part-time receptionist job was opening up in the end of August at the organization where he works. Since he’s been doing it all summer he could say with authority that it’s really easy AND well-paid, which is right up my alley.

So I’ll be answering the phone, directing what few visitors drop by, making sure emails to the general account get forwarded to the appropriate places, and otherwise doing my own thing for fifteen hours a week starting in the end of August. Eric estimated that he spends about half of his time there doing homework.

Did I mention I’ll get paid?  We likes the income, even if it won’t be used for fun things.

That’s the newest development on this end, aside from the fact that I’m hovering tantalizingly close to 27k words in the manuscript and things are moving forward in the writing department.

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Good Times

I wrote just over 1500 words yesterday; deleted some things from the manuscript’s Need To Do list and added a few more.

On the docket for today:

  • Catching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix before noon to get super-cheap tickets.
  • Potentially cashing in my piggy bank change so I can go buy books. (Yes, it’s actually shaped like a pig, and my pocket change goes into it at the end of every day.)
  • More writing this afternoon.
  • Finish reading my current book.

In the freakishly odd category for the day, I counted up all my coinage to see how many books I could start thinking about buying, and found that there was an exact dollar amount in the piggy.  Weird.

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